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Please NOTE: This is not a Kyocera issue, this is caused by a Microsoft Windows Update affecting printing for multiple manufacturers.

There are various Microsoft Updates that can cause the Blue Screen Crash when printing. The update causing the problem will depend on the version of Windows you are running.

To resolve the issue, you will need to install the patch that Microsoft has released to fix the issue. There are different patches for different versions of Windows, so you will want to check the Windows version first. To check the version of Windows 10, click Start -> Settings -> System -> About. You will want to check the System Type under Device Specifications to determine if a 32-bit or 64-bit OS is installed, as well as the Version listed under Windows specifications. Once you know what version of Windows you are running, you can download the update to fix the Blue Screen issue from the links below.

Win10 20H2 – KB5001567

Win10 2004 – KB5001567

Win10 1909 – KB5001566

For devices running versions of Windows 10 older than 1909, you will need to update to 1909 or newer before you can apply the fix.


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Support for Windows 7 is Ending

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